Beast of Boise


This last month, we've been preoccupied with working on our annual Best of Boise issue. It's a monster, but it's also some of the most fun writing we do all year. We have our readers' choices based on a poll and two things always come out of seeing those results: One, we're in sync with our readers. The people, places and things they choose as their favorites are, more often than not, ours as well. Two, a number of the same winners emerge year after year. And, then we have our editors' picks: the stuff we as a group--or individually--think is the shit. Those are the hardest and the easiest to write. We get to write about things we love (I'm a bit obsessed with Flight of the Conchords), so the ideas come flooding in. There's the rub ... there's so much in and about Boise that we love, if the B.O.B. issue was 1,000 pages we'd have room for it all. As it is, we have to sift through it all, separating the wheat from the chaff, picking what we really think is the best of the best.
I just realized this entire entry is in editorial "we" speak. Maybe after a weekend of some serious drinking and fried food, I'll be back to I. Me. Whatever.