Mayor's Hotline: BOI's Got Baggage Issues

9/8/07 Myra Thompson 2603 Mountain View Dr. 375-6041 Noise: I also placed this phone call with the Parks and Recreation people. I am calling at approximately 6:15 Saturday night. I am complaining about the noise from the independent contractor who is working on the tennis courts at Winstead Park, approximately 2 blocks from my place. They have worked after hours from approximately 5 until 8 on Thursday night as well as Friday night. They have been here since 8:00 this morning on Saturday to refinish the tennis courts at Winstead Park. I went over and talked to them to find out if there was anything they could do about the noise; we have been completely unable to use our yard during the duration they have been there. We were treated in an unprofessional, uncooperative manner. I’m hoping on Monday you can reach these folks, it was Hella’s Sports Finishing according to the logo on their vehicle, and discuss with them courtesy and proper cooperation with the noise abatement laws in the City of Boise. Thank you. BPR

9/9/07 Glenn Miles 1306 N. 26th Boise, ID 83702 Misc: Forgive my sarcasm, but for the sixth week in a row, a Honda Civic, green 1AN5348 has been parked out on the junction of 26th and Ellis. Now we have seen vehicles repeatedly, usually with illicit license plates, sometimes with Canyon County, in which they have obsolete recordings on their decal. They’re using the church population and the attendance between Masses as a cover. The other cover they’re using as they go down the back alleys in the morning delivering their little drugs, particularly on those back alleys that are paved rather than having to go through the bump, bump, bump of the regular street. Now so help me, the City Council has got to start acting pro-actively. I’ve got my “Eberle for City Council” sign out in the front yard, and we’ve been paying taxes since 1943, and the drug trafficking is within a line of sight to both Lowell School and St. Mary’s. Now the City Council needs to wake up. This is a question of doing your duty and making sure that the police force is doing its duty and not people who work for EMT and looking at the records of somebody who has been deceased and has called for an emergency vehicle then going out and hitting those houses. I would like a letter from the President of the City Council, Elaine Clegg, and I would like a letter from the Mayor, and I would like them to know that the city of police is getting enough heat on them that they stop this drug activity. Being propositioned by one of the contractors in the area, asking if I wanted to buy drugs from somebody that he has hired to work on a roof, is not my idea of a greater neighborhood. Now that there is a city election coming along, will you guys kindly get with the program and turn the heat up on the druggers. Thank you very much.

9/9/07 Justine Erins 939-0434 Graffiti: This is for the Mayor and city officials. I am calling to report that your connector into Boise is loaded with graffiti. I’m not sure who is in charge of taking care of this graffiti, but obviously somebody is not in charge because this graffiti has been up for over a week. My question for you, the Council Members and the Mayor, is what are you doing to take care of this? Obviously somebody is doing nothing. Your problems are getting worse in Boise and nobody is taking care of the issues at hand. I’m asking you to please clean up your city; your city is going to look worse than Los Angeles in a short period of time. Thank you. Graffiti Team Action Taken: contacted

9/9/07 Nancy Little 421 S. Latah Boise, ID 83705 344-4965 Neighborhood Association: I have a comment on the Depot Bench Neighborhood Association Legal Ad in the paper. You will meet on Tuesday; I have a problem that will not allow me to do meetings any longer. My kidneys do not function like they should. I will not allow being included in that association. I have a right according to the constitution, of imminent domain. They may not include me in this or any other association without my signature. I would appreciate you stopping people who are making power grabs. Thank you very much. Action Taken: contacted She doesn’t want to belong and wants protected from the Assoc.

9/10/07 Dave Ringold 1832 N. 19th St. Boise, ID 83702 340-9889 Graffiti: I have a question. I have a neighbor who has a slur of graffiti off the alley on their garage door and it’s been there for several months. I haven’t been able to contact her, but I wanted to know if she is obligated to get rid of that or what? I just wondered what the homeowner’s responsibility is for getting rid of graffiti on their garage door. Thank you. Action Taken: contacted

9/11/07 Kate Suza 8840 W. Duck Lake Dr. Garden City, ID 83714 672-0599 Airport: I just arrived at the Boise Airport at 11:30 p.m. on Northwest Airlines from Minneapolis and our flight was on time, it’s been on the ground for 45 minutes and the baggage has yet to come off. We were told by the airlines that this is the city’s problem not the airlines, that they don’t staff the airport this late at night. Let me tell you, it’s pretty bad PR for the city when you arrive at a beautiful airport, but you leave very upset because you’ve been waiting so long for your luggage to show up. I contacted airport operations they said some airlines, Northwest being one of them, don’t have a lot of traffic so they band together with several other airlines and contract out the services. However Boise has the worst baggage wait time of any airline in America. La Guardia, which has 50 times the business gets luggage unloaded, in 10 minutes. I have many business associates that fly to Boise and refuse to check their luggage because this always happens. Airport Action Taken: contacted

9/11/07 Eric Henscheid 734 E. Bridgewater Ct. Boise, ID 83706 342-0326 Graffiti: I’m calling to report graffiti on the bridge’s west railing on Apple St. The bridge crosses the Ridenbaugh Canal; it’s located between Boise Avenue and the next cross street is Richfield. Graffiti Team Action Taken: left msj

9/12/07 Anonymous Graffiti: There’s new graffiti in the alley between 6th and Capitol on the east and west, and Bannock and Idaho on the north and south. Graffiti Team

9/12/07 Anonymous Graffiti: I’m reporting to the graffiti hotline. I reported this same one before but I wanted to call it in again because I haven’t seen any results yet, and usually you’re quicker to respond. It’s in blue; it’s on Phillippi behind the Orchard/Overland Hillcrest Shopping Center. It’s small, but it is there and an eyesore. It’s on the Phillippi side; it’s that old building that used to be the old Fred Meyer building. They love to mark up that building. Thank you for getting on this as you always have. Graffiti Team

9/13/07 Ann Rostock 343-5565 Graffiti: I am calling the graffiti hotline. I am calling from Idaho Independent Bank. There was graffiti in our parking lot; it’s on the corner of 10th and Jefferson. Graffiti Team Action Taken: left msj

9/13/07 Pierre Christensen 867-5391

Graffiti; I think around 3 or 4 weeks ago I called the graffiti hotline about some graffiti on some electric boxes near the Red Robin on Parkcenter Blvd. near the Albertson’s Headquarters, and every day when I drive by I still see the graffiti on those greenish electric boxes on the side of Parkcenter Blvd. just past Red Robin. Some how I don’t have a lot of faith in the graffiti hotline; I don’t know exactly how I can solve that problem of getting that graffiti removed. I see a lot of graffiti around Boise right now, but having graffiti sit there for a month or two on Parkcenter Blvd. on these metal closets on the sidewalk is really annoying. Action Taken: contacted