Don't Shoot the Fish


Who knew fish were something you could salvage.

Apparently, they become so when you’re draining a reservoir.

The Weiser Irrigation District informed the Idaho Department of Fish and Game that it will be draining the Lost Valley Reservoir in Adams County to meet the demand for irrigation water. And, as it turns out, Fish and Game expects that, without water, fish will probably die.

Fish and Game announced today that it’s doing away with limits on the reservoir beginning on Wednesday through Nov. 30.

“Anglers may salvage fish in the reservoir by any method except firearms, explosives, chemicals or electricity,” reads the release.

Yep, you can beat them, net them, herd them, sneak up on them and scare them to death, grab them, trap them, or chase them—just make sure they’re dead. Moving any live fish from any water in Idaho is illegal.

Oh, and to keep things on the up and up, remember to get a valid Idaho fishing license.