Zippity Doo Dah


I am going to Tamarack today for the weekend with the Z's and Lars. We are going to do the Zipline. Panic set in when I actually looked on their website to see what the zipline is and watched the video. This warning at the botton caught my attention: "WARNING: This fun filled adventure is not encouraged for those afraid of heights, people with recent injuries including surgery or expectant mothers." They advise "closed toed hiking boots and a thirst for adventure." So we trekked to REI (not for cruising) but for closed toed hiking boots. Only the boy Z already had some which is embarassing having now lived in Idaho for six years. You can take the city girl to Idaho but just try to get her to buy hiking boots and go hiking. And boy Z is 1/2 pound under the weight limit so I told him to bring a bag of rocks. We are ready now and one hell of an adventure we shall have on our my, oh my, what a wonderful zipline day.