Trial Balloon, Or The Real Thing?


U.S. Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho is reconsidering his decision to resign, a spokesman said Tuesday night.

Craig, who was arrested in June on indecent exposure charges in a Minneapolis airport, announced his plans to resign on Saturday. He has said he intends to fight the charges, however.

"If the wheels of justice turn swiftly enough, he may reconsider his decision to resign," said Dan Whiting, his spokesman.

Until that happens, Whiting said, Craig intends to carry on with the transition out of office by Sept. 30.

"Senator Craig still intends to resign on Sept. 30," Whiting said. "We are working toward a Sept. 30 resignation and a new senator for Idaho. It's a very small door, that remains open."

Craig, 62, has disputed the account of a Minneapolis airport police officer who arrested Craig on suspicion that the senator was soliciting homosexual sex in an airport bathroom.