Best Mark Warbis Quote Ever


Lord help us, the national media have found Idaho.

Yes, they were scuttling about here last week looking for dirt on Larry Craig. But now, they're taking the long view, and digging out the usual anecdotes.

Ole Tight Jeans hisself, Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter, came in for some analysis and some old storytelling from the Washington Post. Turns out they just can't get enough of the tight jeans thing out there.

Which led to the best Mark Warbis quote of all time.

Asked how in the world Otter could possibly walk, much less throw a leg over a horse in jeans as tight as he tends to wear them, Warbis could only offer that, "Denim is a very flexible material."

They're eating this stuff up out in D.C. The reliably snarky blog Wonkette has, of course, had a field day with Larry Craig's problems.