Brandi Is So Totally Not Running


Brandi Swindell has had it up to here, people, with all of you suggesting she might be running for Senate if Larry Craig resigns.

After sending out an equivocating statement about Craig's future, she found that someone apparently tinkered with the tag line of the e-mail and made it look like she was running.

And some of you dopes fell for it.

The first to bite on the Web, near as we can tell, was the Boise Guardian, who said he wasn't entirely sure, but here it is anyway.

"Don't believe everything you read on the Internet," Swindell wrote in a second e-mail blast. "Adding words to my personal e-mail is despicable and perhaps illegal."

While we get the BW Legal Team on that one, just know, people: Swindell is sitting this one out.

To which we can only say, bummer. As people who shamelessly vote for quotes, this one would have been a doozy of a campaign.