National Coverage


It was just a matter of time before somebody found a way to make a funny about "Craigslist."

The national coverage is dizzying. Herewith, a few examples:

Some person we think we've met before, writing for some paper we've heard of, discusses "the cloud over Idaho." (BW's Patti Murphy in NYT)

Go Patti!

Some lesser light discusses why Republicans are wishing they'd never met Craig just now.

Slate Magazine editors debate: Stick up for the guy or come up with mo' betta' puns on "Craigslust?"

In D.C., Politico talks about putting the 'ho' in 'Idaho' and why it's harder to be gay and GOP.

The Washington Post highlights the ethics investigation that may result, as asked for by leading Senate Republicans.

ABC News says Craig just bought himself a long, hot summer and fall.

Oh, that's a little self-serving don't you think? Get a life, dude!

Where were we...Ah, yes. CNN says Craig is now, dare we say it, a bit of a hot potato.

Stop us before we blog again! We'll have more as it comes our way.