Rock n' Roll, Illness, more Rock n' Roll


I've been a bit lax in blogging because eventually my blogs will link from my workplace homepage, I was going to wait until I heard word from on high that this is now an official process. However, my blogging skills were getting a bit rusty and e-mails to friends, family and acquaintances were becoming quite verbose without an outlet in which to express myself.
I spent three nights last week as a judge at a local battle of the bands: Boise Records Battle of the Bands to be precise. It was billed as "3 Nights, 3 Judges, 3 Winners." Boise Records, a local home-based recording company, sponsored the event, offering 20 hours of recording time to each night's winner in the categories of punk, metal and indie. Five bands took the stage each night, and unlike other band battles I have judged, there were no obvious winners because there were no obvious losers. In battles past, there was usually at least one or two bands easily eliminated from the running. Not the case with these bands. Every one of the them brought their A-games and put on a great show. A Thousand Effigies won punk night, though BR owner Lloyd Parrott gave Killing For Peace a second place prize of 10 hours recording time; Heibarger took the honors on metal night; and Malachi won indie night, with Parrott giving Uncle Bud 10 hours as well. I had a great time; loved seeing some bands again, some for the first time; totally dug getting to know the BR people (Lloyd, Taylor, Ryan and Marci); and being totally immersed in local music for a few days.

On Friday, working on roughly 20 hours of sleep for the week, my body rebelled and by 5 p.m. Friday I was in bed with the worst head cold of my life. I still don't feel great and am beginning to wonder if hard living isn't better left to younger people. On this I shall ponder.

The Lefsetz Letter (an awesome blog; check it out at posted this note from Shorefire Media: "'Radio Nowhere,' the first single from Bruce Springsteen's upcoming album 'Magic,' will be available exclusively and free on the iTunes Store ( for one week starting today. The iTunes album pre-order for 'Magic' also begins today and includes the free download of the "Radio Nowhere" single plus the song's video and an exclusive digital booklet."

If you dig the boss, this is very cool.