Help The Firefighters Too


Sometimes it's easy to forget the people working on the fire lines. They're in the woods, after all, and their homes tend not to be the ones on fire.

A new group says it hopes to change that, and to remind people that wildfire can damage a firefighter's life as much, or more, than others.

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation is turning to Public Service Announcements to bring awareness to local communities. The PSAs will air on local TV channels starting today.

Vicki Minor, Director of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation in Boise, is heading the campaign.

"Our wildland firefighters need our help, now more than ever," Minor said in a news release. "That is why the public service announcement is so important."

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation helps aid the injured or families of fallen firefighters on many levels, from giving financial support to rallying for proper healthcare attention.

"More than any other state, Idaho, as a land and people, has a connection to wildland firefighters," Minor says.

Each year on average, 25 wildland firefighters will die while protecting the environment and natural resources.

Boise State is getting into the act, too.

The school will offer extended academic deadlines for admission, registration, housing check-in and fee payment for firefighters working to stop wildfires throughout the West. The deadline for students who can present proof that they have been employed as firefighters will be extended through Sept. 14.

Got questions?

Firefighters who are interested in taking advantage of the extended deadlines should call the Office of Enrollment Services; families of firefighters may make the arrangements for them.

For more information and to make arrangements for classes, call the Office of Enrollment Services at (208) 426-2384 or e-mail