Mayor's Hotline: Beer With My Statesman


8/3/07 Mary Anne Murphy Campaign: I wish to direct my comments to Mayor Dave Bieter. I always believed you were a man of integrity. Now after hearing Councilman Tibbs file accusations against you, I am certain you are a man of integrity. If these charges are all that he could come up with, and there is no substance to the charges, Tibbs is letting voters know your whole life is one of clean and ethical living. Keep up the good work and thank you. Mayor

8/3/07 Richard Munson 1037 Warm Springs Ave. Boise, ID 83712 866-9975 BPD: I was going to call you about the motorcycle patrol out there in the hundred degree weather every day, but I wanted to tell you something. At 9:00 Friday night when I’m calling, I saw a policeman on a bicycle. I had just come through downtown Boise and I was at 3rd and Main. It was getting dark about this time and a whole bunch of people were downtown. What an innovative idea; talk about having feet on the ground and eyes on the area. That is so smart; hats off to the chief and to whoever came up with that idea on the weekend, having some patrolmen on bicycles. Excellent idea! BPD

8/4/07 Anonymous Signs: Hello City of Boise. Well, when I’m wrong, I’m wrong; I appreciate your quick response with the signs on Hartman and York Streets. I called you last week about them and I appreciate it.

8/5/07 Glenn Miles 1306 N. 26th Boise, ID 83702 343-9637 Misc: Repeatedly we have been seeing drug trafficking using the mass as cover. The St. Mary’s Catholic Church is nearby and we’re seeing cars from Wyoming, or I’ve reported a 2C license plate that didn’t have the proper decal, and in checking with the Canyon County people, they noted that there should be numbers followed by letters. The letter sequence then numbers is something that is happening all over the county. It’s this kind of thing that is repeated in this area. Again this week a car that didn’t have a decal at all on the white strip on the license plate 1AN5348. A police car went right on by it and ignored the fact that it didn’t have any decal at all on the plate. Somewhere along the line, someone has got to start looking at the drug structure. Often police officers will have a cover and they will arrest someone low in the system, but meanwhile they’re constantly overlooking the drug trafficking that goes down our alleys early in the mornings, and uses the church services of the two churches in the area as a cover. Yet these out-of-state license plates and these out-of-county plates, and plates that don’t even have decals reflect a constant pattern. We’ve lived here since 1943 and know what the drug pattern change has been. When it follows the criminology structure from 15-20 years ago, we know that something is wrong. The city council can either ignore this and play around with it and forget about it and forget that their children are at stake, and their grandchildren are stake by sitting by and doing nothing. I expect the car to be moved abruptly after this phone call; that’s the usual sequence. Again, the license plate # is 1AN5348; it’s a green car and this is the second week in a row that it hasn’t had any decal on at all. BPD

8/5/07 Levi Nall 5980 Ensign Garden City, ID 83714 353-7928 Garden City: My concern is if we park on the opposite of our house on the street, not on the sidewalk, in front of the driveway, can we get tickets for that or can we get our car towed from the person who owns the house that’s on that side of the street. Action Taken: contacted

8/6/07 Addie Haas 1285 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 83704 376-4037 Half-Way House: My concern this morning is Mansfield’s reference to the gang element in our neighborhood. I feel that it’s manipulation to keep us quiet, but still it’s not a very comforting thought to keep bringing this up, especially in the Statesman yesterday referring to some fellow who had renamed himself after Dennis Mansfield. This is especially troubling. Thank you very much for listening. PDS Action Taken: contacted w/ New Hope info

8/6/07 David Bagnard 1304 Eastman 13th & Eastman Odd Fellows Building 462-3052 Graffiti & New Trash Dumpster: I’ve managed a commercial project in Hyde Park for the past 25 years. I rehabbed the Odd Fellows building some 20 years ago and have been involved in Hyde Park for a long time. We are getting absolutely spent to the wall trying to clean up after graffiti and minor light-weight vandalism. In the past the Boise Police Department has been very helpful. Today I tried to talk to somebody to get some help after a recent incident and it’s going to cost another $500 to get the graffiti cleaned up. I dialed 25 different numbers trying to talk to anybody at the Boise Police Department. I think this is a bad deal. I finally got hold of a nice woman and she said that the published numbers are all wrong. I think this is insane for a police department to have numbers that are not usable. Secondly, in the old days we used to get a lot of help from the city departments. I have been trying to get a new dumpster for the Odd Fellowes building at 13th and Eastman for 2½ years. I’ve had everybody promise that they’ll get me one; the lids have been gone for 2 years; as late as 8 months ago they said a new shipment just came in and that I would have one any day; it’s just one prefabrication after another; they have never helped me. I talked to the trash pick-up guys and they told me I have to go way up the food chain. The Mayor’s office is as high as I can go, so please help me and please find a policeman who can talk to me and help me get this problem handled with the vandalism, and please pull somebody’s chain and get me a new dumpster at 13th and Eastman. This is absolutely not necessary. Thank you very much. Graffiti Team & PW Action Taken: contacted

8/7/07 Jeff Newton Meridian, ID (602) 703-8224 Graffiti: This message is actually regarding downtown Boise. My wife and I go there quite a bit since we moved here from Phoenix late last fall. I just wanted to let you guys know that you’re starting to get a pretty massive collection of graffiti in the downtown area. I wanted to also let you know moving up from Phoenix, that if you do not eradicate this graffiti right away, what that does if you leave graffiti on buildings, it actually attracts more graffiti kids to come in from out-of-town (Nampa, Caldwell & surrounding areas) to start to really destroy downtown Boise. I don’t really think you want that to happen. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen in downtown Phoenix and it’s not a good thing – total blight. One of the areas that have been hit is an abandoned building complex located down by Boise State which is on Front St. and Broadway, located on the southwest corner. There are numerous other sites in downtown that have graffiti all over them. It’s becoming a major problem in Boise. Please, let’s get our arms around this right away and eradicate it before it becomes a major problem. Graffiti Team

8/7/07 Addie Haas 1285 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 83704 376-4037 Half-Way House: I just got a call from Kris about the beer can that was in my Statesman box. Merlyn Hodge was here at the time I called your office and we had already called the 672-9200 and there was no answer nor was there a message phone on that. I understood the message they brought back from the meeting with the Mayor, and our four representatives, that if we had any problems you wanted to know about it, but apparently you don’t. Thank you very much. PDS

8/8/07 Addie Haas 1285 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 83704 376-4037 Half-Way House: Per your Kris’s instructions on the beer can that was in my Statesman box, I did call Larry Durkin at 672-9200 this morning at exactly 8:30 a.m. and there was no answer. I called the other number, Bill, there was a message phone but I needed to talk to somebody. So, I did not leave a message. I wanted you to know the promises they have made that they answer those phones 24 hours a day is incorrect. Please, please help us. This is a safety problem. Thank you very much. PDS Action Taken: left msj

8/8/07 Dale Rosebrock 345-1592 ACHD: I just read Dan Popkey’s article and I want you to know that after having read him for 25 years, this is the absolute worst article he has ever written and that we are totally supportive of your efforts in this issue with ACHD. I think it was negligent on his part to not say who paid $110,000 for that analysis and I think it verges on the edge of yellow journalism. Again, both of us are very supportive of you, your administration, and all but one of the City Council members. Thank you very much, and keep up the good work.

8/8/07 Sandy Rogers 866-3943 Graffiti: You don’t need to call me back if you don’t want to. I’m calling about some graffiti again on Five Mile and Ustick behind Albertsons. It’s actually not on Albertson or that fence back there, but it’s on a dumpster way in the back corner; you’ll see the dumpster area, that brick area, there are big letters all over that plus the utility thing back there and the benches that are back there. It’s just smattered again with junk. Gosh, I wish these guys would just go away, but I know it’s never ending. Graffiti Team

8/9/07 Anonymous Graffiti: I’m calling to report some graffiti at the corner of Cartwright and Bogus Basin Rd. There’s a bunch of graffiti in pink on the transformer box. Then at the corner of Curling and Bogus Basin there’s the same thing on the stop sign and on the box next to the stop sign. Also, downtown you’ve probably noticed that there tennis shoes hanging from a number of telephone wires in the downtown area. Hope you can get that cleaned up. Graffiti Team 8/9/07 Verla Valentine 4836 W. Targee Boise, ID 83705 386-9032 BPD: Our home was just paint balled during the night and I thought I should at least report it and let you know that something like that is going on in our neighborhood and wondering what I can do to take steps to prevent it as I don’t want my property destroyed. BPD

8/7/07 Harvey Miller 343-3754 BPD: I have been trying to get hold of Officer Scott McMikle of the Boise Police Department at 331-3940, ext. 224 for the last two our three weeks. I have left at least three messages trying to get back with him and he has never returned any calls. It is about loud music at 210 W. Myrtle. Is this what I’m supposed to think of the Boise Police Department? I will not be home until after 2:00 p.m. on 8/10/07. I would like a return call; this is unacceptable, but then again maybe I’m just a lower peon in Boise where nothing matters. I thought Dave Bieter wanted Boise livable. This has been going on for over a year and a half with the people across the road and nothing seems to be done. Thank you. BPD

8/9/07 Bill Cutshall 850-4992 Graffiti: I wanted to report some new graffiti today, Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 1360 Grant Ave. in Boise. If you have any questions, please call me. Graffiti Team

8/9/07 Val Rivers 10046 Harvester Boise, ID 83709 376-3430 ACHD: My concern is about ACHD, and I’m sure you’ve had a lot of problems with them. One of my main concerns is the project that they’re doing on Overland from Cloverdale to Topaz. That project was supposed to be done the 31st; I have a business out there in that area that it’s hurting drastically because of that construction. This whole week they have abandoned that project and aren’t doing any work on it. I was told through Steve Sprague at ACHD that they are ahead of that project and they think they can just take a break from it. That’s one of ACHD’s problems; they have no comprehension as to what the small businessmen have to go through when they are doing projects like this. They’re scheduling way too many projects to where the contractor can’t stay on one project and get it done. As a small businessman, you cannot find anybody to help you to spur these people to get the job done. I just wondered if the Mayor’s Office can help me; I’m even going to call the governor’s office, Channel 6 News, try to find somebody to try to help me get these people moving. I would appreciate it if you would get back to me; I can fill you in with a lot more things that have happened where ACHD has lied to us and everything else. Thank you. Action Taken: Contacted 8/9/07

8/9/07 George Goodridge Graffiti: I just wanted to report some graffiti. There’s graffiti at the Albertson’s Subway on the corner of Apple and Parkcenter. It’s on the USA Today newspaper stand box in front of the Subway sub shop and Albertson’s grocery store. I greatly appreciate you guys getting on these things and taking care of all that tagging. I think that’s what keeps Boise beautiful. Thank you. Graffiti Team

9/10/07 Richard Donnelly 1970 Fairmeadow Dr. Boise, ID 83704 BPD: I’m calling concerning the construction at Maple Grove and Fairview. Cars are seeking other avenues to escape that traffic, and one of those is through our subdivision which is Fairmeadow Drive in Fairmont Park Subdivision. The fact that vehicles are using the road to escape the traffic is one thing, but they are doing it in an unsafe and speeding manner and I’m wondering if there’s any way that we can get help on this street to slow the vehicles down. I would appreciate any help that the city can offer. Thank you. BPD

9/10/07 Addie Haas 1285 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 376-4037 Half-Way House: I would like very much to talk to Kris. She’s called me twice about two of my calls to the Hotline. One of them was a week ago on Thursday and she finally got back to me on Tuesday about a beer can. I did get in touch with Larry Durkin and reported that to him. Yesterday I got a message that I was to call again about this. What is going on? (Enter into CIRTS)