Tibbs Finds a New Target


It looks like Boise mayoral candidate Jim Tibbs has expanded his political target.

Tibbs has taken aim at City Council member Maryanne Jordan, who spoke out against Tibbs’ call for an ethics violation against Mayor Dave Bieter.

In a release issued this afternoon, Tibbs accuses Jordan of her own unethical practices, citing the fact that Gallatin Group president Marc Johnson made a personal contribution to her 2005 campaign, and hosted a fund raiser.

“Looks like Mary Ann Jordan is part of Dave Bieter’s Gallatin playground,” said Tibbs in a written statement. “She is attacking me for going to a doctor’s appointment with one hand, while taking money from the Gallatin Group’s President with the other.”

For her part, Jordan called the attack “pathetic,” and added “I’m not even going to dignify this nonsense with a response.”

Yesterday Tibbs filed a complaint with the city ethics commission, claiming Bieter did not fully disclose professional his relationship with Johnson, whose company the city-contracted lobbyist. Recently, the City Council voted to move forward on a $65,000 plan to gain support for a statewide transportation plan.

Tibbs admits that Bieter did disclose his relationship with Johnson, and recused himself from any discussion or decision on the matter, but he believes there are still improprieties.

Tibbs alluded to the mayor manipulating the City Council agenda to discuss the issue when Tibbs wasn’t present. The contract was discussed during a Council meeting on July 24, after Tibbs had left the meeting for a doctors appointment. It was not discussed during the July 31 meeting. Bieter’s original memo to the City Council on the issue was sent on July 20.

Bieter, Jordan and other council members spoke out against Tibbs’ move, calling it political mudslinging and adding that he had numerous opportunities to have the issue rescheduled to a time he could participate in the discussion.

Council members decried Tibbs’ decision to take his issue to the media without ever bringing it up with the rest of the council.

Jordan was particularly vocal in her criticism. “We have a council member who, in my mind, isn’t doing the job he was elected to do,” she said. “He needs to do his job as a council member first, and run for mayor second.”

Tibbs seems to have taken issue with Jordan’s comments, although he seems to have his own opinion of what she is criticizing.

“Councilwoman Maryanne Jordan called Jim Tibbs “unethical” for going to the doctor while she defended a $65,000 contract with the Gallatin Group,” reads Tibbs’ written statement.

It’s doubtful this will be the last volley in this increasingly muddy campaign.