State Files Motion to Dismiss GOP Primaries Case


Word came this afternoon that the Idaho Attorney General’s office has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against Secretary of State Ben Ysursa.

The plaintiffs in the case are 71 members of the Idaho Republican party, who filed the suit in an effort to close state Republican primaries.

According to the documents filed today, the Attorney General’s office asserts that the plaintiffs lack the standing as representatives of the Republican party needed to file the suit. The motion to dismiss states that “As individual members, plaintiffs are inappropriately attempting to assert the rights of a third party—the Idaho Republican Party.” Additionally, the motion claims, “Plaintiffs are not authorized and otherwise lack the authority to act on behalf of the party.”

As supporting evidence, the state offers an affidavit by J. Kirk Sullivan, chairman of the Idaho Republican State Central Committee, stating that while some of the plaintiffs hold positions within the statewide organization, they do not represent the group as a whole, and that the Central Committee in no way endorses any litigation.

Also included as evidence is a letter from Sullivan to Christ Troupis, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, stating that the lawsuit has never been authorized by the Republican Party, and that it is “inappropriate” for them, as individuals, to file the suit.

Troupis said the motion for dismissal wasn’t unexpected, but Sullivan’s support for the state’s case is “disappointing.”

“We are disappointed that Kirk Sullivan is the prime supporter of the state’s attempt to prevent the majority members of the Idaho Republican Party from implementing the rule that they enacted,” Troupis said.

While he had not yet had time to thoroughly read through the motion for dismissal, he said he still feels his clients represent the majority of the State Central Committee, which voted to move toward closed primaries.

“It’s clear the State Central Committee enacted this rule and they expected it to be followed,” he said. “The leadership should not try to hijack the party from its members.”

Troupis said he will file a response to the motion within the next two weeks.