Mayor's Hotline: The House That Dennis Filled


7/22/07 Jan Petersen 3361 Forsythia Boise, ID 83703 336-2136 Police Contract: Just an opinion, but we think it’s time to settle the Boise Police contract. If they want 10%, so be it. I’m watching men and women out here now in over hundred degree weather just directing traffic. It’s miserable working conditions and they do it all for us. We would appreciate your attention to this matter; it’s been too long coming. Thank you. M/CC

7/23/07 Bill Erickson P.O. Box 561 Boise, ID 83705 484-1131 Dog Park: I’m calling in regard to the city’s leash law concerning the parks. I ran into an officer for the third time; I’ve been warned about throwing the Frisbee for my Golden Retriever. She’s always on the leash and always under my control. I’m wondering why you guys spend the money to irrigate a 50-60 acre park and you can’t run your dog. That’s what dogs need – to be run. The fact that police officers are hassling me at 6:00 in the morning when there’s no one out there is ludicrous to me. Maybe you guys should fence off an interior section of Ann Morrison or Julia Davis where people can run and throw things for their dogs off leash, so dogs can get their exercise. I live across the street from Camels Back and I’ve even been hassled there, yet on a Friday night I don’t see any cops around giving tickets out to the people when there’s a hundred people in the park. I’ve made it a point to go out early in the morning and run my dog when there’s no one in the parks, yet that’s when I seem to be running into these police officers giving me a hard time over it. I would suggest that you review this city ordinance and make use of this irrigated turf you have in these city parks. Most of that turf just sits there, soaks up water, and costs us a lot of money. Thank you. BPD

7/23/07 Marilyn Frazier 1730 Gourley Boise, ID 83705 331-7967 Air Quality: I’m interested in finding out about what Boise’s number is for air quality control for the city and county. I’m looking it up in my phone book and I find nothing for Ada County and nothing for the city. The state does have something, but I just think that’s sort of peculiar and I’m asking what the city is doing about air quality. I know they can’t stop the fires, but what are their future plans? I would also like to know what the EPA standards are and how they can have future growth and still maintain a decent air quality. Action Taken: contacted

7/23/07 Brian Rash 1304 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID Half-Way House: I have called once before about my concerns about the New Hope house at 1286 N. Astor Place. I just wanted you to know that I was still concerned about them running a motel next to me. Thank you. PDS

7/24/07 Addie Haas 1285 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 376-4037 Half-Way House: I’m calling about 1286 N. Astor Place. I had an opportunity to talk to two parole officers that visited that home this morning and they informed me that it was supervised by Dennis and I neglected to ask if it was Dennis as in Dennis Mansfield. They informed me that they were very, very carefully selected and this was one of the better houses that they have opened up in the New Hope program. I can tell you one thing, those people who come out of there are squeaky clean; you never see dirty clothing but nice clean shirts and pants. They don’t look grubby, so that I am thankful for. I just wish Mr. Mansfield would have had someone in this community involved in the opening of this house. It certainly would have soothed a lot of feelings and people would have been open to helping and would have built more compassion; we do feel compassion for those young men. The parole officers said this house could hold up to 12 inmates; there are 15 houses in this cul-de-sac and that sounds like overkill. This is not what he advertised in his ad. I know you will meet with some people in the subdivision next week so hopefully we will have an answer to this. Thank you. PDS

7/24/07 Anonymous Misc: Why is it when auto insurance is mandatory, it’s a state law, and it’s not taken into consideration when they figure out your food stamp total because that’s a have-to, the phone isn’t according to them? Regardless of medical problems or whatever, they don’t consider a phone a utility. By law you have to have auto insurance but that is not even considered when they figure out your food stamps, plus they keep dropping the price and the food keeps rising price wise. So hello, a little help here for us low-income working people. Thank you.

7/26/07 Kevin Pettinger 3007 Arthur Circle 343-4075 Misc: I wanted to let you know that my payee for my Social Security benefits human supports may be guilty of attempted murder. I’m just pretty scared right now. This country needs to unite and come together and defend ourselves from foreign and domestic enemies, and we need to work together. If you want to call me, I can be reached at 343-4075. Action Taken: contacted

7/26/07 Anonymous Half-Way House: I’m calling to support the residents in the neighborhoods where halfway houses are being located. I doubt Mayor Bieter or the City Council members would want Mr. Mansfield moving eight parolees into a house next to them. It is ridiculous to expect other homeowners to accept this. Mayor Bieter and the City Council should be helping to make these citizens and their children safe. One person was told the concern was not that important since only seven people had called the hotline. How many make it an important issue? If the halfway house was next to a councilman’s house, I bet only one call would make it important. Please stand up for what is right and don’t allow neighborhoods to be destroyed by Mr. Mansfield’s halfway houses. PDS

7/27/07 Addie Haas 1285 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 376-4036 Half-Way House: I’m calling about the house at 1286 N. Astor Place that is leased by Dennis Mansfield. In yesterday’s editorial, and I can’t reach anybody in the editorial office so you guys will get an ear full this morning -- that we do not have a right to decide who lives next door to us, but we do have a right to expect when we buy into a one-family dwelling neighborhood, that it stays that way unless we’re notified. That has taken away my rights and I do have that right. It just seems that the felons, or those young men over there, and I have nothing against them, but I have a problem with the way this program was handled. There is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things. If you want to be part of the community or in the neighborhood, you include the community in your planning, and you don’t just jump in and do like Mansfield did. Mayor Bieter, when are you going to listen to us? PLEASE, THIS IS A PROBLEM! Thank you very much.