Hot Inner Child In the City


It's going to reach temperatures of over 100 degrees today here in the City of Trees. My spouse of many years usually mows the back yard (the neighbor kids mow our front yard as part of their chores. Yes, we have very good neighbors) but was busy loading a hundred cans of old paint for a trip to the hazardous waste section of the dump. Some of that paint was here when we bought our house 10 years ago. Ugh. I decided the least I could do was get one of his usual unglamorous domestic tasks out of the way for him, so, do-rag on my forehead and mp3 player on my arm, I started up semi-self-propelled gas mower and got to sweaty task of cutting the grass.
Turns out my life sort of does have a soundtrack. My job includes writing about music--interviews, profiles, previews, reviews--which is really lucky for me, because I'm always listening to something.
My playlist today included Keane, Helio Sequence (one of the Sub Pop label's most brilliant moves) and a little Earth, Wind and Fire. If you can listen to EWF's "September" and not move, you're in a coma or dead. Two of our neighboring houses (including the home of the aforementioned kids who give teens a good name) are two-story abodes, so if anyone was on a second floor looking out over our backyard this morning, they probably got an eyeful of my lawnmower dance. But I figure, if you can't groove to a little disco in your own backyard, whilst slogging through what would have been a terribly dreary domestic task otherwise, for fear that someone might be watching, then your inner child needs a swift kick in the keister to bring him or her a little closer to the surface.