Merrill's Future?


Spent some time on the phone with Eagle Mayor Nancy Merrill, who's in the news just now for brokering a private meeting between Ada County mayors and others.

But she's got some other things on her mind, too.

You may recall that Merrill recently announced that she would not be running for re-election for the mayor's office.

But that doesn't mean Merrill, 60, is ready to throw in the towel on other political pursuits, she said.

"There's lots of ways to serve," Merrill said. "I just don't know what direction my feet will go."

Although she's getting mixed reviews bout her decision to hold a private meeting with other valley leaders, she's still a name that pops up in consideration for possible political runs, whether it's in the Legislature or otherwise. Merrill is a Republican.

She wouldn't say never, she said.

"You never turn anything down," she said. "I'll look at every opportunity that comes along and see how I can best serve."

Merrill has been mayor of Eagle for five years. She began her involvement with that city in 1992, when she served on a city committee on design review and urban renewal. She was on the city council for seven years. In 2003 Merrill was appointed to fill out the term of Rick Yzaguirre, who became an Ada County Commissioner.