If my life had a soundtrack ...


I'm currently a bit obsessed with the music of Brightblack Morning Light and, more recently, Augie March. Brightblack's self-titled album on Matador is slow, deliberate LSD-drizzled guitarscapes that drift around like a rainbow-colored storm cloud dropping right through the gray of a melancholy day. It's soft, it's serious, it's sweet and I just can't get enough.
I'm a new initiate to Augie March and, I must admit I'm a bit angry that I could have been listening to them lo these many years. "Overcrowded Hour" is delightful and devastating and gives me a just-kissed-my-friend's-boyfriend-who-I've-secretly been-in-love-with-for-a-long-time feeling in the pit of my stomach. Thanks to stereogum.com for the introduction.
Speaking (writing) of stereogum, some genius (seriously, an effing genius) over there decided to pay tribute to the 10 year anniversary of Radiohead's OK Computer: OKX. I haven't had a chance to listen to it myself, but anything OKC related is always tops with me. Personally, I think "Paranoid Android" is one of the most brilliant pieces of music ever written.