Mmm ... Chewy Air


Nothing like those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer—emphasis on the hazy and crazy part of that. With the combination of wildfires burning across the West and a high pressure inversion settled staunchly over the region, air quality in the Treasure Valley has plummeted.

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality issued an orange air alert earlier today, meaning that the air we breath is “unhealthy for sensitive individuals.”

The valley has been up and down the air-quality rainbow in recent days, but the lingering smell of smoke in the air was probably a dead giveaway to the unhealthy situation.

According to the DEQ, the forecasted air quality index was 102, causing automatic burning bans to go into effect across the valley.

All open outdoor burning is prohibited across both Ada and Canyon county, and everyone is urged to postpone outdoor physical activity until air quality improves.

Officials ask that everyone limit drive time by combining trips. Also, don’t fill up at the gas station until the evening, when temperatures drop, and take the same approach to mowing the lawn.

You can get the latest on the air quality ranking at the DEQ Web Site.