More on Raft Guide Death


The whitewater world is abuzz with news of the tragic death of Dean Fairburn, a river guide who died Sunday on the South Fork of the Payette River.

Observers told BW that Fairburn's raft tipped on the Staircase rapid, ejecting its passengers, but that Fairburn found himself trapped in a rapid. After watching to ensure that his clients got away safe, he shouted for help.

Rescuers apparently couldn't get him out of the water in time, and he died on scene.

The news hit some in the Channel 6 KIVI newsroom hard, and it made for some awfully compelling television this weekend.

That's because earlier in the day KIVI sports reporter Randy Simon had run a story about Fairburn's intent to run the Iditarod sled dog race.

A visibly shaken and barely composed Simon told viewers yesterday that he had just spoken with Fairburn the night before. He didn't want to run the Iditarod piece, but after talking with Fairburn's widow, who said to go ahead, they ran the report. It's all worth watching.