City Hall Debut


The City of Boise is opening the doors of its new digs for the first time on Thursday from 4 to 8 p.m.

The public is invited to check out the new location of City Hall West, which will serve as the home of the Boise Police Department and Boise Fire Department administration.

The city recently purchased the 90,000-square-foot building and land for just more than $10 million. The site formerly housed a Hewlett-Packard call center. Thanks to its former incarnation, the building comes complete with audio-visual equipment, a security system, office furniture and roughly 150 cubicles.

City officials estimate it will cost an additional $4 million to retrofit the building before it can be opened, currently scheduled for next summer. Once completed, City Hall West will house the emergency call center, as well as other police and fire offices. Additionally, the city plans to offer a limited number a city services at the building, allowing residents of west Boise to pay utility bills, parking tickets and return library books at the new location.

The facility will also include meeting rooms for public use, and the Boise City Council will hold meetings there on occasion. The new building is located at 333 N. Sailfish Place, off Emerald Street between Maple Grove and Five Mile roads.