Greenbelt Closure


Anyone planning that ride to the Lucky Peak Dam better make some alternate plans. According to Ada County officials, a break in a canal along the Greenbelt path has forced a closure.

Officials said they'll have it repaired within a few days.

The exact location is between the Idaho State Parks headquarters on Warm Springs Avenue and the Highway 21 bridge.

The greenbelt closure comes after the Boise Project Board of Control today discovered a leak in the Penn Canal, which runs alongside the greenbelt in the area. Board of Control officials believe their crews will need at least 3 or 4 days to effectively repair the leak in the small irrigation canal.

Repair work got underway late this afternoon and will include removing an entire section of the greenbelt, effectively cutting off all greenbelt pedestrian traffic in the area.

Officials say Greenbelt users should be advised there is no way to detour around the repair zone. Officials with the agency have indicated there is no immediate threat to any homes in the area.