Idaho GOP Move To Close Primaries


If the majority of Republicans on the Idaho GOP's central committee get their way, you won't get to vote in their primary elections unless you're a registered Republican.

Sorry, Cope. (BW's columnist, Bill Cope, made waves within the Republican party when he suggested that Democrats vote in the open Republican primary, to affect the outcome of that vote. Such "crossover" voting is rarely documented, but widely feared.)

The move was led by party activists like former state senator Rod Beck, who argue that the party is vulnerable to lawsuits if they continue to hold open primary elections.

The matter will need to be ratified by the Idaho Legislature, which is dominated by the Idaho Republican Party. But, as recently as last session, lawmakers balked at closed-primary proposals. The intervention of the nonpartisan Common Interest group was not enough to broker a solution, and the matter festered until this weekend.