And A Blogger Would Lead Them


Online, he goes by the handle "faustus37" and keeps up a steady partisan chant on various Democratic blogs.

In real life, he's W. Lane Startin, a 33-year-old insurance agent from Twin Falls.

But he's thinking he'd like you to call him "governor."

Emphasize the "thinking about it" part. The race is a long ways off, after all.

Startin went public, in his blog, on Sunday.

Twin Falls Times-News reporter Jared Hopkins picked up the thread and ran with it Monday.

Highlights of Startin's own posting: He's a fan of "strong figures," like Cecil Andrus and Frank Church, and said he doesn't see that same sort of leadership coming from the current top-of-ticket candidates like Larry LaRocco, Larry Grant, Rand Lewis and the party's legislative leadership.

Which may be why one of those leaders, House Minority Leader Wendy Jaquet, of Ketchum, didn't have much to say about his candidacy yet. She told the Times-News she hadn't met him.

He appears to be doing some soul-searching of his own:

"Am I that strong figure? I honestly don't know; that's for you to decide. I can say that I'm willing to try."