Indigent Development?


Ada County has decided to consolidate, bringing the positions of development services director and director of indigent services under the control of one person.

John Traylor, current Director of Indigent Services, was named the new Development Services Director on Thursday, taking over from Gerry Armstrong, who recently left the position to take a job with Hubble Homes.

Traylor will oversee both departments. “Above all things, our goal in filling this position was to find a good administrator and John is one of our finest managers within Ada County,” Ada County Commission Chairman Fred Tilman wrote in a statement. “He has a proven track record of implementing new policies and procedures that have better served the public and cut costs to taxpayers.”

Traylor has held his position as Director of Indigent Services for three years and the county-issued announcement of his new appointment gushes that Traylor has saved the county $2.6 million by streamlining his department.

Armstrong finished his tenure earlier this week, and is now working directly with one of the companies he once regulated. During his three years in the position, Armstrong has presided over a massive growth in subdivisions and new development within Ada County, including many by his new employer.