Mike Murphy, We Hardly Knew Ye


Word this morning that Mike Murphy, the "Bull Moose Candidate" for Boise Mayor, has dropped out.

Murphy, who ran his campaign entirely from his Web page, cited personal reasons for his early departure from the race.

"I truly hope that my brief participation in the Democratic Process has had a positive, stimulating effect on the public discourse and brought to the fore' overlooked and neglected issues," he wrote in an email statement.

Murphy also claimed that other candidates "co-opted" some of those very issues he championed.

And while he recently used his campaign blog to take the Boise Police Department to task for not seeking national accreditation, he thanked officers for its work and dedication in his exit e-mail.

Upon leaving the race, Murphy said all campaign contributions will be returned to donors within 24 hours.

With Murphy joining the ranks of political obscurity, the race for mayor is down to two candidates, incumbent Mayor Dave Bieter and City Councilor Jim Tibbs.