Dem Primary for CD 1?


Somebody go find Larry Grant. He's got company if he's really serious about wanting to challenge first-term Congressman Bill Sali.

Grant, a Democrat, made it pretty clear after losing to Sali, a Republican, in the open race for Idaho's First District, that he would run again.

Well, he's not alone.

Now Rand Lewis, a terrorism expert and real estate appraiser from Coeur d'Alene, has tossed his hat in the ring.

Democratic bloggers sniffed it out first: They had it at 43rd State Blues this morning, and word has spread.

Quick rundown on Lewis's Web site says he's interested in the following: financial responsibility, adequate medical care, "an effective solution" to the "conflict" in Iraq, and education. Mom and apple pie too, we presume.

Grant hasn't updated his own Web site in a while, but I'm guessing he's still in, judging by the one-liner still up there: "Is it 2008 yet?"

Grant lost to Sali, gathering 44.9 percent of the votes cast statewide, sending Sali, a former Idaho lawmaker, to Washington.