They Love Us in Bend


The Bend, Oregon Bulletin sent a former resident back to Boise recently, to check in on the place.

We're holding up all right, apparently, despite our intense growth.

The Bulletin is normally a pay-for Web site; they graciously allowed us to link to this story, so y'all might take a read for yourselves.

In a nutshell, the kicker is thus: "Next time you need a city fix, but you've seen Portland one too many times, consider the six-hour drive east to Boise."

Yes, we get props for having a great Downtown, a lively music scene, and a good football team.

In other words, there's no new revelations under the sun. The author was surprised to see how much we've grown.

"Wow. You think Bend has changed? Take a look at Boise," they write. Boise's downtown, "has evolved from a town to a city, and buildings of 30 stories or higher are becoming commonplace."

Ahem, tell that to CCDC. So far, we've only got a proposal for one, and it's not doing so hot. But, I like the idea.

But, the usual attributes are there: We're near the river, the mountains, and our parks are nice. The author does a nice job of wrapping up some of Boise's classic personalities, too, reminding us of Gene Harris, Pokey Allen and Morley Nelson.

And, bonus, a great shot of the Frim Fram Fellas. Looking dapper as always.