Idaho Press Club: Surprises, Then Not


The Idaho Press Club handed out awards Saturday night, and as always, there were surprises and predictable events.

Predictable: The Boise Weekly made an honorable showing. More on that below.

Surprises: What's going on at KIVI Channel 6?

Viewers of local TV news are used to one fact: That KTVB Channel 7 is the dominant channel, with the fanciest sets, advanced graphics and, as often as not, the big "gets" as far as interviews and stories.

Somebody tell that to the judges handing out awards on Saturday night. Although KTVB did well enough, it was KIVI Channel 6 that came in, over and over again, for top honors. In fact, when it came time to tally up the "Sweepstakes" prize for the most awards garnered, guess who picked that up?

It's hard to know whether this is a sign of KIVI's ascendancy or KTVB's fall. Ratings usually tell the story, and we're looking that one up. But take note that when it came time for the "general excellence" award, the first one announced was "honorable mention" and that went to ... KTVB. You could hear the muffled gasps in the media-literate audience.

Second place in that category went to KIVI. But, in a last-minute surprise, the top honors went to KTRV Channel 12, a station that picked up very few other awards that night. Go figure.

Back to BW: We're proud to pick up a few top honors: In political reporting, BW picked up first and second place, by Shea Andersen, for two stories: "Blue Bites Back," and "A Paper's Trail."

Nicholas Collias snagged first place in environmental reporting for "The $6 Million Watershed." Collias also picked up a second-place for his headline writing.

In investigative reporting, Andersen and Collias took second and third, respectively.

BW's Rachael Daigle picked up an honorable mention for her story "Raising Idaho" that we ran last year.

And, in specialty columns, we tip our hat this morning to our own Ed Rabin, writer of The Antidote. It's the only column that copy editors openly snicker over when they're reading it.

Thanks for the votes, judges. See you next year. And perhaps we'll be tuning in to KIVI some more.