BW Weekend Planner


Yeah, Spiderman 3 is out! The Kentucky Derby is on!

But, for more directly local pursuits, can we turn your attention to two-headed cows, Automated music, and a garden sale or two?

Thought so.

For instance:

Amy will be headed directly for The Bouquet to catch Automated, who is playing with The Scarlet Theory and Little Did You Know (we do now!) at 9 p.m., for $3.

Look for Amy; she's the one hanging out with those two morning DJ's from 103.3 KISS FM.

Meow! Erin will be strutting the catwalk at the Reconstruct: Future Formal benefit fashion show at the Flying M in Nampa, that's on Saturday afternoon.

Someone else is thinking of the future: Chelsea is going to buy new plants at the 36th Street Garden Center and put them in the ground. If she can get her rat’s pirate costume made in time, she & the kids will also head to the Humane Society for Rat-a-rama.

Shea will be rounding up Deanna and a few of BW's writers and heading to the Idaho Press Club annual awards banquet. If we don't bring home some hardware, we'll be heading directly back to the MilkyWay for a Sassy Sally or three.

Please, people, don't forget the cow. Drum roll, please: This year's name for the two-headed calf at the Idaho Historical Museum is...Deja Moo.

It's true. Stop by the Museum's gallery some time soon and look at the amazing art that was submitted in our first annual Two-Headed Calf Contest. We have lots of faves, and did our level best to choose some winners, but there's a beautiful (if slightly disturbing) calendar in the works there, we're certain of it.