The Work at Asiago's


Asiago's Downtown has finally re-opened their Main Street restaurant, in a totally remodeled space just west of where they used to be.

Co-owner Jason Driver wrote in to tell us about all the work now complete, and the new options to come.

Phase 1, he tells us, is done and ready for customers. They built an entire new kitchen, bar area and dining space, and redesigned the whole kit and kaboodle with what Driver calls "vintage Italian style."

Several large wall murals, and paintings inspired by early to mid-1900s European art all highlight the their menu style.

Phase 2 sounds even more ambitious: They've taken over the old kitchen, bar and dining areas.

"We are now building out new dining areas in that former space; the front dining area along Main St. will include an "openable" front window system to create an open-air dining experience that will tie in with the sidewalk tables out front," Driver wrote in an e-mail to BW. "The interior dining area will be a bit more private, and will be designed in a wine barrel cellar room fashion."