The BW Weekend Planner

Where We're Goin', What We're Doin'


Amy will be your emcee at the Boise Weekly Music Festival, hallelujah. Tonight we're hosting Bank, Abrupt Edge, Wilson St. and Midline at Bouquet. Tunes start at 9 p.m., so come on by and check out the new BWMF07 T-shirts.

No surprise here: A bunch of us will be working and rocking the festival events. Can't make it tonight? Come see us Saturday at Terrapin Station, where Kris Doty, Mayerforceone, Stumbleblind and DJ Art Hodge will own the stage.

Sally is headed for the Muse Building opening tonight, then she'll be at the Bouquet tonight too.

Jessi is also on the BWMFO7 train, tonight and tomorrow.

When he's not at the music festival, Tyler will be headed to Julia Davis Park on Saturday for the Idaho Earth Fest.

Nancy will be at Earth Fest too, and is taking in the Buddhist History of the United States at Boise State.

Erin is getting her green thumb on at the Idaho Botanical Garden annual Plant Sale.

Leila and her fiancee will be at their engagement encounter Dave and I will be attending an Engagement Encounter Weekend in advance of their wedding.

Wendie will be at the music fest, then cheering her loudest at the Race to Robie Creek Saturday.

Shea will be gussying hisself up for the Beaux Arts Wine Festival gala on Saturday after checking out the Capital City Public Market that afternoon.