BWMF07: First Night

BW Lands on The Reef


If we sound a little bleary this morning here at BW headquarters, we've got good reason.

Last night was the first night of the Boise Weekly Music Festival at Reef.

BW staff and a full house of fans showed up to watch great sets from Brandon Pritchett, Equaleyes, Scribe and Kamphire Collective.

So far, wow. We focused on some of the big fish in Boise's musical pond in our recent issue, but watching these bands last night makes us think the pond is getting more crowded.

Many thanks to the musicians, who wowed a crowd that included some who seemed pleasantly surprised by such great local music. Thanks also to the staff of Reef, who managed the crowd, the music, and, uh, the refreshments so well.

And we'll keep going tonight: Join us at the Neurolux for another fine pack of local tunesmiths. We'll start if off with DJ Pat Benolkin at 9 p.m., followed by sets from Ned Evett, Automated and IQEQ.

Rest up, Boise! See you tonight.