For the Transit Curious


Valley Regional Transit says if you want to hear about how they're planning to make Ada and Canyon counties work together on transit issues, you ought to come to their forum this Thursday.

It's also a good place to be if you're feeling like there aren't enough acronyms in your life.

Here's the skinny, from their release:

An open house to provide information about the draft Phase 1 Regional Transportation Coordination Plan (RTCP) for Ada and Canyon counties is this Thursday.

It's scheduled for 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday (April 19) in the Boise City Council Chambers, third floor, Boise City Hall 150 N. Capitol Blvd.

Public comment also will be accepted.

The RCTP was developed through the sponsorship of Valley Regional Transit (VRT) on behalf of local stakeholders within its service area (Ada and Canyon counties).

If you cannot attend the open house, a copy of the draft report, along with a comment sheet, is available on the VRT website.

Just too darn curious? Click here for a PDF of the whole plan.