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Monday, February 23, 2009

Masons behind future Boise bus/train station

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citydesk has been following the latest developments in the proposed on-street/off-street transit center (bus station?) for downtown Boise, but we have not been too clear on who has been pulling the strings. Is it the mayor, the CCDC, the bus company?

We were still unclear until just now, when the mayor's weekly call log came across the internets. The real puppet master on the proposed Boise multi-modal center is, who else, the Masons! 
Matt Laurance, Masonic Temple Building, 215 N. 10th St.
Transit Center: The Masons are a not for profit organization, but we do own storefronts on Bannock and 10th Street. We’re really concerned that we just will not be able to lease those retail spaces to retail spaces if the new alternative location for the public transportation project goes in. In my opinion, site H, the one that’s already gone through environmental impact studies and what not, is a far better location. So, basically established businesses seem to be up against one large speculative developer on this issue. These established businesses are retail and we’re all very fragile financially; we’re in a tough economy, and I personally really support public transportation in Boise; I think it’s desperately needed. You do need to do something and site H is the right spot to do it in. I hate to think of a person who is the owner behind the Rafanelli and Nahas proposed developments as having so much individual power that they could make a speculative development more important than smaller established retail businesses. I really would love to talk to somebody in the Mayor’s office about this or the City Council. The complete issue is lack of parking. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted
BW will get to the bottom of this. Stay tuned...

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