Idaho Theme Park's Facebook Page Hacked


Fans of Silverwood Theme Park knew something was up when they started seeing bizarre, and often inappropriate, posts on the northern Idaho amusement park's Facebook page.

"15 Horrible Methods of Capital Punishment," said one post. "Badass Exotic Animals You Wish You Owned," said another. "And "Best Boob Tatoos" read a third.

The odd Facebook posts continued through much of this past weekend; and in short order, Silverwood officials knew that their page had been hacked. That prompted them to create a new Facebook page to explain the situation to its visitors.

"We are so sorry for the confusion with the hacked account! All account admins had been deleted so we have no way of stopping the posts," wrote Silverwood officials on the second Facebook page.

And now, this morning's Coeur d'Alene Press reports that Silverwood has grabbed back control of its original Facebook page and deleted the hacked posts, but only after getting flooded with complaints, mostly from parents who were upset of what had been flowing into their children's news feeds.

"It is quite unfortunate as we have gained a significant amount of loyal followers based on worthwhile organic postings and engagement which took much effort," Mark Robitaille, Silverood director of marketing told the Press. "Silverwood is committed to being family-friendly and is in no way associated with these posts."