Video: One Capsized Canoe, A Shot of Whiskey and a Lot of Damage to an Idaho Cabin


Law enforcement in northern Idaho is still trying to piece together details of an incident which began with a canoe tipping over and ending in a bizarre crime spree.

KREM-TV reports that a fisherman and a friend were out on Feman Lake, near Coeur d'Alene, when their canoe capsized. The two men ended up breaking into a nearby cabin to warm up. They also called 911 from the hope. But before police arrived on the scene, one of the men took a shot of whiskey and the pair decided to hop back into their canoe and resume fishing. But the canoe capsized a second time and both men swam to shore and broke into the home a second time. The men apparently called 911 a second time and when a relative of the homeowner stopped by to check on the cabin, he found one of the men in the shower.

Police said the homeowners have decided not to press criminal charges and they're still hoping that the fisherman will chip in to repair some of the damage they caused, including a $2,000 bill to fix a solid metal door.