Video: Spokane School District Prepared to Pull Hundreds of Children Out of Class For Immunization Non-Compliance


In a stunning report from KREM-TV, hundreds of students may be pulled out of public schools in Spokane, Wash., for not complying with Washington State's immunization status law. According to a spokesman from the Spokane Public School District, 3 percent of the student body have yet to submit proof of immunization or a certificate of exemption. School officials say parents of the 900-plus students have now received three or four phone calls and a physical letter explaining that their child is not compliant with state law.

Spokane School District spokesman Kevin Morrison told KREM-TV that students who arrived at school today that are still non-complaint "will be called to the principal's office, who will then call their parents and ask the parent to come pick up their child." According to Morris, the parents will be given the opportunity to fill out an exemption form or take their child to one of five free vaccination clinics being hosted by the school district this week. But until the student is in compliance, officials said the child will not be invited back to class.