Startling Headline in Tribune: Port of Lewiston Traffic 'On Hold Indefinitely'


The Port of Lewiston is in near-crisis mode and port commissioners will huddle today to consider its fate.

In the wake of its largest overseas shipper—Hapag-Lloyd—pulling up anchor at the Port of Portland and thus halting its shipments up and down the Columbia River system, this morning's headline in the Lewiston Tribune was rather stunning: "Port Container Traffic On Hold Indefinitely."

And now, Port of Lewiston commissioners will meet today at noon with one major item on the agenda: "Suspension of container traffic will be discussed." As of today, the only remaining container carrier at the Port of Portland, according to the Tribune, is the Westwood company, "and it's unlikely it will be able to absorb Hapag-Lloyd's customers from Lewiston," said Lewiston Port Manager David Doeringsfeld. "At this point in time, the Port of Lewiston is not shipping any containers on water."

The Port of Lewiston employs seven people, but its budget is $1.9 million. According to the Tribune, the port "had expected about $450,000 each from rentals and property taxes as well as $260,000 from the Inland 465 company, which operates a huge warehouse at the port.