Video: The Xenophobic Letter From the Bonneville GOP Central Committee


A letter published by the Bonneville County Republican Party claims that Muslims are a growing problem in Idaho and are a threat to non-Muslims.

KIDK-TV obtained a copy of the letter penned by Becky Prestwich, executive director of the Bonneville Republican Central Committee that claims that Muslims advocate violence and "are taught to be two-faced." Additionally, Prestwich urges Idahoans to contact their legislators "about this problem."

Idaho State University professor Nazer Alnejidi says he's particularly offended:

"Spreading this message of hate and making us feel not safe; there's no reason behind it," he told KIDK-TV.

But Alnejidi, who is the secretary for the Islamic Society of SE Idaho, also chose to take the high road:

"I say to her that she's welcome to ask any questions; she's welcome to be among us," he said.

Meanwhile, Prestwich has backpedaled the article's connection to the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee:

“The article called ‘Islam in Idaho’ was an opinion piece I wrote and included in the BCRCC Newsletter. These views are not necessarily the views of the BCRCC,” Prestwich wrote in an email to the Idaho State Journal on April 1. “While I in no way believe or indicate that all those who claim the Muslim faith as their own are radical or dangerous, I do make the assertion that, if only 10 percent of Muslims are of the radical variety, that equates to some 160 million adherents bent on holy jihad. And you are hard pressed to find very many peaceful Muslims who will condemn the acts of these radicals.”