Video: Alleged Pranksters Who Spread Saran Wrap Across Idaho Highway Face Serious Charges


In late March, we first heard about some pranksters who had been stretching Saran wrap across Interstate 90 in Idaho's panhandle. Now, law enforcement officials say they've identified the teenagers responsible for what they call "a dangerous and shocking" joke. More importantly, the teens could face some serious time behind bars.

KREM-TV reports that the pranksters are accused of putting drivers in danger of being killed when they stretched the plastic wrap across I-90. At least one car was seriously damaged by the prank, according to Shoshone County Sheriff's deputies.

Officials said the charges may include malicious injury to property, punishable by a $1,000 fine and a year in jail. If the damage exceeds $1,000, the charges could be bumped up to a felony, which triggers a possible five-year jail sentence.  

KREM-TV reports that it will take several weeks for prosecutors to determine the exact charges against the teens.