Not What the Easter Bunny Ordered: A Rainy Easter


The National Weather Service office in Boise says Easter could be a bit soggy in southern Idaho this year. The forecast calls for a chance of showers Saturday night, and an increasing chance of more rain on Sunday with a high of 56 degrees. Things get chilly on Monday and Tuesday with a chance of a rain/snow mix and overnight lows near freezing.

In the past 136 years, since the National Weather Service began tracking conditions, the average temperature on Easter Sunday in Boise has been about 50 degrees. Things were downright frigid in 1945 when Boise registered 24 degrees on Easter (and residents may remember 1999 when it was 26 degrees). The warmest Easter on record was in 1897 when it was a toasty 86 degrees. More recently, residents may recall 1990 when it was 85 degrees. The snowiest Easter on record was in 1969 when a whopping 7.2 inches of snow fell.

Things were rather pleasant just last year, when Boise enjoyed 64 degrees on Easter Sunday. The year before, Boise hit 73 degrees and it was warmer still in 2012 when it was 75 degrees.