Slideshow: Boise GreenBike Pedals Toward Debut


  • Harrison Berry
Passersby may have noticed a slew of new signs indicating that bike share stations will be coming soon to downtown Boise. 

After multiple setbacks over the past few years, Boise GreenBike, formerly known at Boise Bike Share, is getting closer to what organizers are hoping adds another effective way to get around downtown. While organizers hoped to have the stations installed and bikes ready for checkout ahead of the Treefort Music Fest, the signs are an indication that though delayed, the rollout date for the program is fast approaching.

“We still have some gears in motion, but we are hopeful to have the system up and running by the end of April,” said Dave Fotsch, Director of Boise GreenBike.

Those gears still turning are centered around the electronic components that will go into the stations and bikes themselves. Delivery of those key elements will be occurring within the next few weeks. After that, Organizers hope to install the kiosks and stations themselves by the week of April 13.

Bikes will be positioned at stations in 15 locations across downtown Boise. Bikes are listed online, and each is outfitted with a GPS beacon, so members can find bikes close to them, even if they're not parked in a main station. Users can then reserve bikes online or on the new Boise GreenBike app. Lastly, riders enter their specific pin number, remove the lock, and ride. The program has a tiered fee structure as well as monthly and yearly rates. Student discounts are available for Boise State University and University of Idaho students.