Video: Gender Equality Campaign Gets Some Pushback at Eastern Idaho School


A campaign for gender equality driven by two eastern Idaho students that includes an optional school assembly, optional workshops and an optional march in the community of Blackfoot is getting some pushback from a few parents and students, according to KIDK-TV.

Madison Thompson and Eric Wood, both students at Blackfoot High School, worked with the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual Violence to bring the "Gender Revolution" campaign to their community. But when they began putting posters up at the school, some parents called in to voice their displeasure.

"The poster basically said that it was a gender revolution," parent Rachel Hanson told KIDK-TV. "The one that I specifically saw that bothered me was 'I will be proud of my love no matter my gender.'"

And Tanner Bean, a senior at the school, told KIDK-TV that he was uncomfortable with some of the campaign.

"It seems like they're promoting to be gay, to be lesbian and to be bisexual, that it's OK," Bean told KIDK-TV. "That's something that should not be promoted at this school."

But Wood responded by saying that the point of the campaign was to "end discrimination against anyone for any reason and promoting healthy relationships.