What?? McCall Star-News Headline States Tom Luna Is McCall's New School Superintendent


Readers of the McCall Star-News can be excused for dropping their coffee cups this morning when they read the headline "Former State Ed Chief Luna Hired as M-D Superintendent."

The front page story claims embattled former Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna has been pegged to head the McCall-Donnelly School District, which actually is looking to hire a new superintendent.

"We couldn't believe it when he called and said he wanted the job. We're sorry to have led on the other applicants, but we felt we needed to address our computer literacy," reads a "quote" from M-D school board chair Laurie Erekson. 

"Here is where I can finally trade trying to act like I'm living in the moment for not really knowing what day it is," Luna is "quoted" as saying.

Of course, none of it is true. The front page story is the latest in a long list of Star-News April Fool's jokes. Over the years, the newspaper has "reported" a number of similarly unbelievable stories in its April Fool's editions:

-Military aircraft to monitor Fourth of July crowds on North Beach (2013)
-McCall Memorial Hospital will open a sports bar to help raise revenues (2009)
-A local hot springs becomes a nudist destination (2004)
-Bill Gates will buy Shore Lodge (2000)
-The Walt Disney Co. to buy Tamarack (1991)
-McCall City Hall is sinking after its foundations are undermined by gophers (1984)