Idaho's Median Wage in 2014: $14.93 an Hour


The Idaho Department of Labor reports that Gem State wages went up in 2014.

Using the latest statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the state labor department says strong gains in wages and profits in the final quarter of 2014 edged the Gem State's total personal income up 5.3 percent for the year to more than $61.3 billion—the sixth strongest gain the U.S. The national trend rose nearly 3.9 percent.

The Idaho Department of Labor said overall business profits were up 11.4 percent, driven primarily by a 26 percent increase in farm profits.

Idaho wages rose 4.9 percent to $26.6 billion in 2014. The average wage in Idaho was $19.12 per hour. The median wage was $14.93 per hour.

The overall personal income attributable to every man, woman and child in Idaho was up 3.8 percent in 2014, the highest increase in the nation. However, at $37,533 per capita income, Idaho ranked 47th among the states and District of Columbia.