Idaho Chinook Salmon Spring Season Set to Begin April 25


With more than 10,000 Chinook salmon waiting, Idaho anglers will be happy to hear that Idaho Fish and Game has officially set is spring Chinook season—opening Saturday, April 25—on parts of the Clearwater, Salmon, Lochsa, Little Salmon and Snake rivers. The IDFG Commission formally accepted the fishing season proposal from department officials March 24.

The season limit will be 20 adult Chinook salmon for seasons prior to Sept. 1. Adult Chinook salmon are defined as those 24 inches and longer.

As of March 22, almost 500 Chinook salmon were counted at Bonneville Dam, the first of eight dams salmon pass on their journey to Idaho. While this number is larger than for the same date since 2004, it is a small fraction of the number of spring Chinook salmon expected in Idaho. IDFG says the Clearwater region should have a harvest share of approximately 4,500 hatchery Chinook and the the lower Salmon should have an additional 6,200 hatchery Chinook. 

The fishing harvest in the spring of 2014 yielded about 3,700 on the Clearwater and 6,100 on the lower Salmon. 

Meanwhile the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy revealed its analysis of the tax package, sponsored by House Majority Leader Rep. Mike Moyle.  ICFP challenged Moyle's fiscal note attached to the bill which says that there would be a gain in General Fund Revenue in Fiscal year 2016. But ICFP says says that there would be a $50 million loss to General Fund Revenue. 

And IFCP argued that the current grocery tax credit ($100 for individuals and $120 for seniors) is, in fact, a bigger benefit to lower wage earners than an overall sales tax exemption on food. The isolate impact of both of the changes would mean a small increase (about $15 to $30) in taxes paid by the lowest 40 percent of wage earners, according to IFCP. The change would also decrease overall General Fund revenue.