Northwest Winery Says Its Website Was Hacked by ISIS



The so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, aka ISIS, has claimed responsibility for the cyber attack of North American credit unions, websites of municipalities and, just this morning, U.S. military servers leading to the publishing of names and personal details of U.S. service members as part of an ISIS hit-list.

But a Northwest winery now says it was a target of ISIS as well. KXLY-TV reports that Latah Creek Winery in Spokane, Wash., says it was hacked by "Team System DZ," locking up the company's website and pushing an ISIS screenshot to anyone who accessed the website.

The winery's website displayed the message: "I love Muslim & I love Jihad. I love ISIS <3."

Mike Conway, owner of Latah Creek Winery, told KXLY that he's working with the FBI on the incident.

Conway says the winery's ad agency, BHW1, was also hacked.