Idaho Man Cited for DUI Following Crash Involving Explosive Materials


At the height of the mega-load controversy, Boise Weekly chronicled how challenging it was for commercial vehicles, carrying ultra-sensitive cargo, along U.S. Highway 12, which winds its way along the Clearwater and Lochsa rivers in north central Idaho.

There was renewed urgency in that region this week, when a northern Idaho man was charged with DUI while hauling explosive materials across U.S. 12. This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that Idaho State Police say a van driven by 55-year-old Robert Bottoroff of Kingston crossed the fogline on U.S. 12 in the nighttime hours of March 11. The van struck a guardrail several times before it left the road, rolled down an embankment and flipped over. Botoroff was hauling explosive gases and toxic chemicals, triggering a Hazmat team response and closing down the highway for an hour. ISP said the incident was a Hazmat Level 2, meaning the scene was potentially dangerous to the environment and people. None of the chemical containers were breached in the crash, according to the Tribune.

Bottoroff was uninjured and arrested on a DUI charge.