Press-Tribune: Caldwell Allows Public to Discharge Firearms Within City Limits


If you can justify it to police, you can now fire a gun in Caldwell, the Idaho Press-Tribune reports.

During its March 2 meeting, the Caldwell City Council voted 4-2 to allow residents to discharge firearms within city limits. The ordinance, fronted by Caldwell Police Chief Chris Allgood, stemmed from worries about the recent avian flu quarantine

In January, a small Canyon County poultry flock was euthanized after testing positive for the disease. Now, commercial bird owners are asking Allgood for permission to shoot pigeons and crows that may carry avian flu, threatening their flocks. 

"The people who have made this request, this is their livelihood," Allgood told the Press-Tribune

The ordinance gives police authority to apply it on a case-by-case basis. The shooter must disclose the type of weapon used, and use that weapon only during a designated period of time. CPD hasn't decided whether residents should be notified if a neighbor was going to fire a weapon. That worried some on the City Council.

"We should have had a little more public notice of what we were doing," Council Rob Hopper said.

Hopper said he voted against the ordinance not because he disagrees with it, but because the City Council had suspended its public reading rules to pass it on its first reading. Caldwell's city rules require bills to be read at three separate meetings.

"People needed to know and have a chance to comment," Hopper said.