Minor Earthquakes Rumble Through North Idaho's Lucky Friday Silver Mine


In the wake of a minor earthquake on Feb. 27, no injuries have been reported at the Lucky Friday Mine. The quake, which officials have said measured at a 2.7 magnitude, shook portions of northern Idaho.

The Associated Press reports that some miners felt the quake—there were approximately 50 workers in the mine at the time of the quake. A smaller 2.4 magnitude quake was registered in the same region only a day earlier. An inspection of the Lucky Friday Mine deemed it to be safe, and work resumed later in the day.

Lucky Friday, one of the nation's deepest silver mines, was the scene of a number of accidents in 2011, two of which resulted in death: In April 2011, a miner was trapped after a roof collapsed. His body was recovered nine days later. In July 2011, two separate fires led to evacuations from the mine. In November 2011, a miner was killed at the site and in December 2011, another accident resulted in evacuations. Following hefty fines and a federal investigation, the mine was shut down in early 2012 for a year but resumed operations in February 2013.

The AP reports that a senior research geologist with the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology notes that the recent quakes were probably caused by a geologic fault rather than mining activity.